The UK has recently completed its National Sizing Survey (SizeUK) of 11,000 subjects using 3D whole body scanners to automatically extract 130 body measurements from each subject. This highly accurate size and shape data, together with each subject's 3D point cloud, is held securely in a UK anthropometrics web-database, available for online data mining. SizeUK is a collaboration of the UK Government, 17 major UK retailers, leading academics and technology companies.

SizeUK is the first national survey of the UK population since the 1950's and the first time that the shape of the population has been captured and analysed. As a result of the survey the SizeUK clothing retailers are in the process or have already updated and amended their size charts and garment specifications. In order to ensure that their size charts satisfy the size and shape of their target customers it is anticipated that many other retailers will be looking to acquire the data.

It is also anticipated that the data will attract interest and be of considerable value to sectors outside the clothing industry e.g. health and medical (particularly with concerns over the increasing level of obesity), transport - particularly automotive, construction and furniture.

For further information on the survey, the headline results and the commercial benefits of acquiring the data please click here

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